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4th place for Gian Luca Zoda and Giulia Randi in the Speed ​​Specialty in Edinburgh, This weekend’s venue for a new stage of the World Cup. Italy close to the podium in the UK At the end of an evening crowned Samuel Watson (USA) and Alexandra Kaluchka (Poland).

Let’s start with the men’s sector with Watson who was able to excel in the battle against the Chinese Di Niu (China). There was no struggle between the contenders for success, a situation similar to what happened between 23-year-old resident of Sassuolo, Spaniard Eric Noya Cardona (Spain). Blue was initially excluded due to false start, A situation that was automatically promoted by the Iberians. Fifth place for Jinggu Long (China), sixth place for Rishat Khipulin (Kazakhstan).

The challenge women face with Julia Randy having to bow to American Emma Hunt is also interesting. The 20-year-old fell to third place after losing Natalia Kaluka (Poland), lost in the final to her sister Alexandra Kaluchka. Fifth place for Patrycja Chudziak (Poland), sixth place for Di Niu (China) ahead of Yufang Xie (China).

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To note the presence of Beatrice Colley and Sophia Pelicini in the women’s final, Straight thirteen and sixteen At the end of the competition. The date is now tomorrow night, when the podium for the major will be decided.

The final standings of men’s sprint at Edinburgh 2022

Edinburgh women’s speed final 2022

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