4000 euros a gift from the government until September 30 for whom you belong

From 1 to 30 September 2022, it is possible to request 4,000 € Bonus, or Bonus newspapers and magazines. You still have two weeks to apply for access to the 2022 tax credit vending kiosks by submitting the application electronically.

government reward
Government Reward – NanoPress.it

For whom is this? What are the requirements and amounts? How do you place an order and how do you use this bonus?

Here are all the details.

Bonus 4000 Euro Newsstand 2022: Who is eligible, requirements

The Newspapers and magazines bonus 2022 Consists of credit tax Exclusively reserved for two people Categories:

  • retailers of magazines, newspapers and periodicals;
  • Press distributors who supply newspapers and periodicals to retailers in municipalities of 5,000 inhabitants or in municipalities that have only one point of sale.

These individuals must possess the following Requirements:

  • tax residence in Italy;
  • registered office in a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area;
  • ATECO classification that falls within the indicators of the Prime Minister’s decision of May 31, 2019 and in the publication of the Head of Department of July 17, 2020 (in particular, primary codes 47.62.10, 47.26, 47.30, 56.3, 47.1, 47.61 and secondary code 47.62.10) . For distributors of newspapers and daily periodicals (accepted for 2020, 2021 and 2022), a base activity code entry is required 82.99.20.

Newspaper and magazine bonus: Amounts

Reward amount It is calculated on the basis of the premises in which the activity takes place taking into account the year preceding the year of application (therefore, 2021). The maximum tax credit granted by the government is 4000 Euro.

4,000 EUR bonus
4000 euro bonus app – Nanopress.it

Here’s what’s file Eligible expenses:

  • Imu (single municipal tax);
  • TASI (indivisible service tax);
  • tari (tax on waste);
  • rental costs, net of value added tax;
  • Cosap (Public Land Occupation Fee).

In addition to these costs, as of 2020, electricity, Internet, telephone and home delivery services for newspapers.

For the biennium 2021-2022, expenses incurred in the previous year for the purchase/leasing of POS machines, cash registers or telecommunications will also be included.

4000 euros: how to apply and how to use it

Only newsstand bonus tax credit is to be used To compensateat the time of payment of contributions, taxes, etc. with submission of F24. When filling in F24, it will be necessary to indicate Tax code 6913.

The reward request can only be submitted electronically by contacting the portal Impresainungiorno.gov.it Access using Spid, CNS, or CIE.

The tax credit is only used electronically through the services provided by the Revenue Agency.

4,000 EUR bonus
4000 € bonus – Nanopress.it

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