40 years alive thanks to plants

Budoia – A 43-year-old man fell from Aviano from a height of 25 meters while climbing in the gymnasium in Rock “Carlesso” in Dardago. He suffered trauma and fractures, but was always conscious: he is now in a hospital in Udine. The accident happened today April 21 at around 12:30 pm: the causes are being investigated by the Carabinieri and the Judicial Police.

The climbers, alerted by the companions of the climbing man, dispatched the ground teams of the Pordenone station and the fire and rescue squad of the regional helicopter. The effect was on the ground Muffled by some plants Present under Very prominent wall. The man fell another ten meters under the parking balcony at its base, his companions who were guarding. Was necessary Cut off some plants To facilitate the process of unloading the technical health team and then retrieving it from the helicopter with four cranes.

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