4 year old girl start making christmas care packages for needy kids after a bad dream

4-year-old girl launched an initiative to collect birthday Gifts for underprivileged children after I had a bad dream about losing some.

The kind-hearted Peppa Jackson set herself up for the challenge of making 200 baby care packages that would otherwise go without her during the holidays.

In each one, she puts on a gift, some crayons, a hat, scarf and gloves to help keep it warm.

Peppa Jackson had a bad dream that the kids wouldn’t get gifts on Christmas Day – so she started putting together care packages.

Peppa, from St Austell, Cornwall, England, was stimulated after having a bad dream that there were no gifts for children on Christmas morning.

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Her mother, Cady Jackson, 23, who helps her with the project, said Peppa is also getting a little help with her project.

“Pippa is currently making the Christmas parcels, by receiving donations,” Jackson said. “Next week we’re going to do decorations too.” “[The decorations] Sell, and all the money you collect will go to buy gifts for underprivileged children. “

Jackson confirmed that her daughter was encouraged to start the project after “she dreamed that some children would not be able to open gifts on Christmas Day and that she wanted help.”

Jackson said, “She is kind-hearted, she has a golden heart.” “She wants to help anyone in need. We’ll go to some women’s shelters, orphanages, and that kind of thing – wherever we can find kids to help.”

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Jackson and Peppa are currently spending their evenings collecting parcels, some of which have been donated to the family.

Jackson, who has another daughter Zara, added, two years old, “In the parcels, there will be little bits, little stuffing for storage, and funny parts like whoopee pillows, pens, crayons, hats, scarves, gloves – just in case they are needed all we can get. It really is. “

Peppa (right), pictured here with her sister Zara, hopes to deliver 200 pre-Christmas care packages.

Peppa (right), pictured here with her sister Zara, hopes to deliver 200 pre-Christmas care packages.

Jackson added that the care packages “will be divided into ages, boys and girls.”

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“We hope to make 200 – that’s what Peppa said, she cut out my business for me. That’s if we get enough donations and can buy enough toys. If we have enough, we’ll go further.”

“The donations are going well so far, I have some things from a few local stores and more will come soon, I think next week.”

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