4 smart and simple techniques to keep zucchini fresh and fragrant for longer

Among the typical foods of the summer season, zucchini undoubtedly stands out.
Juicy and rich in taste and nutritional properties, these delicacies enrich the tables of Italians and beyond every day.

New technologies and modern farming systems allow us to find zucchini that is always ready for use on our fruit and vegetable counters.


Comfort helps us meet every need. However, it should be noted that seasonal products are always preferred. Definitely the least chemically treated possible, delicious and healthiest.

Zucchini is very versatile and can easily be paired with many other ingredients.

For a mouth-watering recipe, for example, here it is Too simple, fresh and creamy summer lasagna to try right away.

4 smart and simple techniques to keep zucchini fresh and fragrant for longer

So, eating fruits and vegetables only if they are in season inevitably means giving up those products at different periods from their normal development?

Obviously, with a few little tricks we can keep our beloved zucchini and consume it all year round.
We can make use of 4 very simple and clever techniques to get zucchini fresh and fragrant for longer but not everyone remembers them.

Useful information to remember

In general, storing zucchini in the refrigerator is the most common way to store it.
In this regard, it must be remembered that they are products that oxidize easily. For this reason, zucchini should always be kept on the vegetable shelf and no more than 5-6 days.

A very useful tip is to keep zucchini sweet and sour. To be able to taste good zucchini, even in winter, just wash the zucchini and cut it into slices. Then cook in a saucepan with garlic and oil vinegarA pinch of salt and a little sugar. Cook for a few minutes. Next, let it cool and then pour the zucchini into sterilized glass jars with a vacuum seal. Finally, coat with oil and store in storage.

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Another ingenious method is “in oil”. One recommended for this technique recipe Excellent. Here’s how to make homemade zucchini with oil, a quick fix that’s always on hand.

Freezing zucchini is a smart idea to eat for any occasion.
It is advisable to wash the zucchini, cut it and dry it well. After that, it is best to keep them closed with a cloth for a few hours, before placing them in suitable bags for the freezer. This way, the pieces won’t stick together.
This way, zucchini can be kept for about 8 months.

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