4 really effective solutions to lose weight, burn fat fast and get back in shape after vacation

The beginning of a new year is generally an ideal time to start new experiences and break bad habits. One of the most common purposes is to reduce the weight gained and restore a lustrous physical shape. In this article, we’ll discover 4 really effective solutions to lose weight, burn fat fast, and get back in shape after vacation.

Those who have decided to lose weight should determine the means to achieve the goal that they set for themselves. There are necessarily two ways: a proper diet and physical activity. A proper diet means moderation in food portions and a preference for low-calorie foods. Here is a prime example without Cholesterol and full of benefits for the heart and brain with a very quick dish of pasta seasoned this way.

4 really effective solutions to lose weight, burn fat fast and get back in shape after vacation

It is clear that physical activity also plays a crucial role in restoring great physical shape. The first thing you think of is going to the gym. This is undoubtedly a solution, but it is not the only one. Those who do not like the monotony of the gym and weight lifting have other equal and perhaps more effective alternatives. Let’s see what they are.

There are many ways to exercise during the day. For example, those who leave home and go shopping or work are physically active. Cleaning the house also burns calories. Many Daily activities burn more calories and can reduce obesity faster as well as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Obviously, doing physical activity aimed at losing weight and getting back in shape, allows you to burn calories faster. But what sports make you burn fat faster?

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Walking is perhaps the simplest but very effective physical activity. Walking simply helps burn fat.

according to guiding rules According to the Ministry of Health, walking burns 3.3 kcal per minute. If we want to speed up the process, we can introduce changes. We walk for 40 minutes 3 times a week, alternating moments of slow walking with moments of brisk walking. While walking we stop every 10 minutes and do 3 sets of 10 squats (leg pushups) and then resume.

When we are fit enough, we can also run 3 times a week for 30 minutes. To increase metabolism we can enter sprints, eg 1 minute at a faster pace after 4 minutes of steady pace. here you are How to start this super easy habit that will prevent stroke and heart attack and help shed calories and fat?

Physical activities that make you burn fat faster

Swimming is one of the most fat burning activities. According to the Ministry of Health, about 7 kilocalories are burned in one minute of free swimming. Football only allows you to burn more calories. For those who choose to swim, experts recommend doing the activity 3 times a week for an hour, alternating.

Cycling also allows you to burn fat quickly. Cycling, after football and swimming, is the sport that burns the most fat, about 6 kcal per minute. Good reason for the course to work.

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