3×3 Basketball, 2023 Paris 2024 World Cup Crunch: How do you qualify for the Olympics?

Let’s go and explain the complex system that will lead to Paris 2024 in 3×3 basketball. It is one of the sports with the most complex qualifications, to understand, of the entire Olympic bracket: after all, there are many instances and all with great differences between them.

To begin with, the first part is simple: the top three teams qualified for the five-circle review are also the three best teams in the standings as of November 1, 2023. We remind you that the world ranking of the National Associations is calculated by the sum of the 25 best players in the country with a confirmed play account. fiba3x3.com. Furthermore, only the nine FIBA ​​events in the twelve months leading up to the main date are counted. If France is ranked in the top three, which already holds the position as the host country, it will not “climb” to fourth place, but two places left.

Then there are the three pre-Olympic tournaments. The first world-class paid Olympic qualifying tournament unrelated to the World Cup. 8 teams participate that must be outside the top 3 in the world ranking (but are still selected through this) and must not have competed in the Olympic Games in regular basketball (men’s or women’s) in the Rio and Tokyo editions. In short, they really are Automatic exceptions From the United States, Australia, France, Serbia, Venezuela, China, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania, Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, Turkey, Japan, Belarus, Canada, Senegal, Czech Republic, Iran, ItalyGermany, Slovenia, South Korea and Puerto Rico. Only one team qualifies.

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On the other hand, the second qualifier for the World Push Olympics, on the other hand, fits a window into the global event. Let’s understand exactly which eight teams are involved: the best in the continental championships, the host country of the tournament, and France if you have not yet secured qualification in another way. Thus, at least 4 places remain from the World Cup, because circumstances can create some differences. At the moment, Australia is theoretically already qualified for this tournament. Only one team qualifies.

Finally, there will be a third and final pre-Olympics. 16 teams will participate in this. The organizing country, France, will start if it has not yet qualified in one of the two cases and the 14th (or 15th, depending on the case) top-ranked country in the world rankings has not yet qualified. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 countries can compete in each FIBA/Continental Region. What is written in its entirety applies to the male and female spheres.

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