36 Bulgarian steroids pills?

Three members of the Bulgarian swimming team tested positive for stanozolol (Stanozolulu), He claimed to have received pills from the National Swimming Association. Zdravko Bablakov, Svetlozar Nikolov and Blagoy Panayotov have been temporarily discontinued, the SAA announced. The test in question took place on February 4, 2021

The pills were given to us by Dr. Lyubomir PetrovPanayotov told a Bulgarian TV station. “They give it to us twice a day. In the morning after the first training session and in the evening after the second session. “

The three swimmers told the private broadcaster that they were informed of their positive by Dr. Petrov, and urged them to report any media questions to the National Swimming Federation.

All athletes know the medications they are takingFederal President Georgi Avramatchev told the Bulgarian nomads. “They were prepared by a doctor. We have been working with him for three years and I trust him. When sampling, a report is prepared in which each athlete describes what they are taking. Some have taken 36 pills, but there are no different types. It is only if you have to take 8 mg and one pill 1 mg you would take eight “.

“The 36 pills” is an allusion to an interview conducted by Nikolov. “For two years we have a doctor who takes care of our recovery [Petrov] During camp Blemiken, we received 36 tablets per day in a plastic cup“The athlete told”At first they showed us the boxes, but they decided to give it to us in a cup because it was easier for them. We trusted them, and that was a huge mistake. We were threatened not to receive our salaries or expelled from the camp. If we refuse to go to the march, we are still punished “.

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Bablakov and Panayotov were 18 and Nikolov 20 hoped to compete in the Tokyo Olympics anyway. A petition was filed in their favor by Nina Rangelova, holder of 13 national registries announcing the following. “We want to show our support to Nikolov, Panayotov and Bablakov in their fight against the Bulgarian federation, which is trying to wash its hands from the case to get out of it with impunity.“.

Diana Petkova, the 50-year-old Bulgarian who studies in the US, said she had similar experiences. “I live this story as if it is happening to meBooks on Facebook.

The Bulgarian Sports Ministry asked the federation to carry out an investigation, despite the swimmers’ allegation that they are systematically doping their players.

From 2018 to today, the percentage of Positive Champions who are local swimmers has been very low“The statement reads.”In this period, the Anti-Doping Center conducted 136 tests, the total number of positive samples of which five, and three swimmers from our national teams. This indicates that there have been no systematic violations of anti-doping rules and no practice has been established for the use of prohibited substances in the national swimming team “.

Dr. Lubomir Petrov, accused of giving pills to the three athletes during the Belmeken march in the Rila Mountains, is a professor at the National Academy of Sport in Bulgaria. He is a member of the Department of Physiology, Biochemistry and College of Sports that deals with competing athletes in wrestling, judo, ice sports, football, tennis, weightlifting, boxing and fencing.

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