3,500 new employees, here’s how to work in a bank

New job scenarios are opening up to many citizens looking for work. This time, ProiezionidiBorsa’s editorial team wants to inform its readers of the possibility of being hired by the Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo.
The company said in a press release that it will hire an additional 1,000 employees. This number has been added to 2,500 other employees already stipulated in the union agreement signed on September 29, 2020 and signed with FABI, FIRST / CISL, FISAC / CGIL, UILCA and UNISIN.

3,500 new employees, here’s how to work in a bank

In fact, the credit institution is implementing a generational change without social implications aimed at strengthening the members of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group resulting from the acquisition of UBI Banca.

But what is the adopted strategy?

Intesa San Paolo intends to make new appointments through voluntary exit, for retirement or solidarity fund, for at least 5,000 people. That way, he can proceed with verifying the eligibility requirements for the 7,200 new people who will rightly enter the company. The credit institution has established that it will set 3,500 in total starting this year through the end of the first half of 2024.

Intesa Sanpaolo also announced that trade union proceedings will begin in the coming weeks regarding a merger by merging UBI Banca into its parent company, Intesa Sanpaolo.

Personal files requested by the company

There are many sectors and areas in which new employees will be deployed. Among the various numbers needed, there are also real estate agents, complaints management personnel, and non-life insurance professionals. There are also many courses for entering the world of work through courses and career growth pathways.
For more information, please refer to the Intesa Sanpaolo website by clicking World Health Organization.

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