300 thousand precious gold coins

The news that left everyone speechless. A real treasure that was discovered by chance on a construction site.

find treasure
Treasure Finding (Adobe)

Going back a few years, it must be said that newsletter It immediately caused such a sensation. All the media have reserved exceptional treatment of this issue, as it should have been. The facts occurred BlueFit, in France, in Finistere. The randomness of all turned out to be a complete disarmament of many, facts rained from the sky and someone ventured, and in fact Chronicle A very amazing event.

It all starts in Nowadays In which a couple decided to renovate a house they bought years ago. Business starts but something stops operations immediately. Some workers find one inside a wall mysterious can. Its content would leave everyone speechless, and no one would have imagined facing such a discovery. 154 gold coins, inside the mysterious box, but the surprises are not over yet.

The amazing value of an unexpected treasure that literally overwhelmed the property owners

And surprises As mentioned, they are not finished yet. A few days pass and the workers are forced to take a fresh break. This time to be have found It is a wallet containing 85 coins, always in gold. Smaller swag, of course, than its predecessor but with the same potential value Valid. So property owners find themselves with two incredible finds inside this construction site that often get put off over the years.

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The Coins They were found between 1638 and 1692. Among them, there are some very rare specimens. Anyway, the owners of the protagonist’s house have entrusted everything to cut Found in the auction house House of Ivoire di Angers. This has organized an event for the next September 29th. The estimated value of the treasure found is about 300,000 euros. The proceeds of the sale shall be divided equally between the owners and employees What a year I found, in fact, a precious treasure.

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