30 Years at Fiorentina, 2 books with Repubblica and the story of a group of coaches

Almost one coach a year, just under. Modern history, the last thirty years at Fiorentina, have seen a large number of coaches follow one another. With a first look at the longevity of the technicians and their athletic cycles, the Ranieri, Trapattoni, Prandelli and Montella cycles catch the eye. Five seasons in a row for Prandelli, four for Ranieri, three for Montella, two each for Trapattoni, Mihajlovic, Souza and Pioli. Each of them can tell dozens and dozens of stories. Like Francesco Graziani, for all “Sisio”, and the UEFA Cup Final he played in 1990 against Juventus. Regardless of what ended and how, it was Graziani who made Fiorentina go down in history by reaching the third final of Viola in UEFA competitions. After the Real Madrid match in 57 in the Champions Cup (the first Italian to win the final match) and the other in the Winning Cup Winners’ Cup in 61 and 62, Fiorentina made history. Or the amazing story of Luigi Radice, who took over from Lazaroni, author of the book of redemption in the year 92 and was acquitted by Vittorio Cecchi Juri live in the “Trial of the Two” by Aldo Pescardi the following season when he was Fiorentina, after a wonderful start to the tournament he was in sixth place in the standings . The result: two other coaches off the bench, Agropy and Kyaroji, and relegation to the second division with a team designed for something else. It is up to Ranieri to sign up and lead the Viola to win the Coppa Italia and Italian Super Cup between 95 and 96. Then there are coaches who pass, charm and leave. Like Malesani in ’97 / ’98, with his game that lit the arena now ready for the big leap.

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Trapattoni knows something about it: two seasons, a winter champion group, a tournament fading between Batistuta and Edmundo’s carnival, Champions League nights and no cup on the bulletin board with the Coppa Italia that begins in the final in Parma. The regression starts here. Amid tears of Batistuta in Rome, Rui Costa in Milan and being born in Inter. A portion of history has been dismantled while Cecchi Gori also acquitted Emperor Terim by forcing Antognoni to say goodbye. Mancini arches, Coppa Italia raised to heaven (with Terim merits) and last joy before great bitterness. Of failure. Leaving Mancini, Bianchi and Chiarugi fail to revitalize the group that has been emptied and broken with possessions. Relegation, bankruptcy, second division C2, Facetti for a few months in the sports center. Then the arrival of the Della Valle family which marks a slow but inexhaustible rebirth. Verchoud and Florentia Viola. Pardoned, Kavassen arrives and triple jump up b. It would be up to Mondonico to sign a return to Heaven with that playoff match with Perugia where Fantini looked like Beckham. Boso and Zoff are in season of Fear, as the landing on the last day swept away and the Calcio Polli made everything a little more complicated. So Prandelli, his group, the return to the Champions League, the achievement at Anfield, the scourge of Overbo and that’s a cut with Della Valle. Mihajlovic and Delio Rossi and the fight with Ljajic, redemption with Guerini on the bench before a thrilling new session with the first Montella, the European League final that almost missed, and the Coppa Italia final which he lost in a dramatic and surreal night. Souza will be able to return Fiorentina to the top of the standings after nearly twenty years, but will then surrender in the face of self-financing for Della Valley. On the one hand, Pioli will experience the fiercest drama in recent history: the sudden death of Captain Davide Astori. A moment that will perfectly unite the arena, friends and opponents. Then the dispensation, the return of Montella, and the long farewell of Della Valle with the arrival of Rocco Comiso from the United States. In the first two seasons, three coaches: Montella, Pioli and Prandelli, the most successful coaches in Viola history.

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