30 participants, only 15 vigils

On Saturday 17 April 2021, the British royal family will say their last farewell Prince Philip, who passed away on April 9 At the age of 99. Due to the Coronavirus Emergency, only a few people will be able to participate in The funeral of Prince Philip. 30 people will be able to attend the event At St George’s Chapel in Windsor while only 15 people are allowed to participate in the aftermath. Despite the pandemic, the royal family said in a statement that this funeral would be largely compatible Philip’s last wish. In the list of subscribers Meghan Markle’s name does not appear: The actress stayed in the United States due to her second pregnancy.

Who will be there at Prince Philip’s funeral

Among the fifteen people who will be able to participate in the aftermath are Prince Philip’s closest relatives: the Queen Elizabeth Charles And brothers Andrea, Anna Ed Eduardo (with his wife Sophie Reese-Jones), Camilla, Kate Middleton, William, Harry, Eugenie, Beatrice, Peter E. Zara Phillips And the princess Alexandra (Cousin Elizabeth). The event will be followed in the UK by the BBC while in Italy it will be broadcast by Rai Uno and Canale 5 starting at 15.30. William and Harry, in a short time For months, during the funeral procession, they wouldn’t walk shoulder to shoulder: between the two brothers there would be their cousin Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anna.

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