30 million simultaneous active users is the absolute new record for Valve –

As can be seen via SteamDB, today – October 23, 2022 – steam He broke a new record: There is beyond 30 million active users at the same time on the Valve platform.

More precisely, at the time of writing, they are counted 30,032,005 active users Simultaneously and the number is increasing minute by minute. This is an incredible record for Steam which over the years has become increasingly central to the PC gaming world, despite having to deal with more and more competitors such as the Epic Games Store.

steam It approached 30 million concurrently active users in May 2022, but was missed by a few tens of thousands of gamers. A previous peak, at 24.5 million users, was recorded in March 2020 during the Covid and first quarantine period. In the following months, the number decreased significantly, but then began to grow again. According to SteamDB’s charts, the number of players increases during the Christmas period, so it is possible to exceed the current numbers in a couple of months.

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But what are 30 million users playing now? Also according to SteamDB ratings, i Most Played Games At the time of writing this report they are:

  1. CS: GO – 1,038,537 contemporary players
  2. Equips 2 – 742,821 contemporary players
  3. PUBG: Battlegrounds – 421998 Contemporary Player
  4. Apex Legends – 316.081 contemporary players
  5. The Lost Ark – 197,370 contemporary players
  6. GTA 5 – 160253 Contemporary Player
  7. Rear Drive – 107,922 Contemporary Users
  8. Naraka Bladepoint – 107659 Contemporary Players
  9. Rust – 101,526 contemporary players
  10. Citadel 2 – 92,140 contemporary players
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Tell us, are you also playing on Steam right now?

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