Home automation is proving, day by day, technology that is changing the home and, at the same time, the way we live. From the air conditioner to the light bulbs, to the refrigerator: thanks to the special and smart plugs, which are smart, all these things can be controlled remotely and in a very simple way.


Customizable and expandable home automation technology: 3 sockets and special functions

there technology home automation It’s about automating appliances in the home, that’s what it’s called, for that very reason too Smart or smart home. The system is defined as home automation when check evenly All the devices that characterize the house: from lighting to the indoor climate, passing through monitoring systems and household appliances. Sometimes they are the leading experts in new technologies They use the word Internet of Things (The Internet of things) to describe this particular technology that best governs the home.

What distinguishes smart home is having a kind of main center centralization whose purpose is Calibrate each connected system. In other words, if it wasn’t for the hub, we couldn’t talk about the smart home or the Internet of Things. It is clear that any home automation technology, i.e. introduced in the context of the home, You will need a performance network: Many, to push their network to the limit, use devices like repeaters.

In today’s article we will get to know at least Three types of customizable and expandable sockets Which are generally used by those who live in a dwelling so to speak intelligent, or characterized by the presence of High-tech objects that can be directly interacted with As if you were talking to someone.

Finally, we must not forget that a file home automationwhich is a branch of domestic technology, has a high potential for improvement and can develop in the coming years into today’s forms We can’t even imagine. Without a doubt, if it is used well, it can definitely improve our home environment.

Customizable and expandable home automation technology: 3 sockets and special functions

1. WiFi wall sockets

Customizable and expandable home automation technology: 3 sockets and special functions

Never worry again if you leave the iron running after leaving the house: with this great iron Wi-Fi wall plugs won’t go wrong. They connect to the Internet via your Wi-Fi while allowing you to control the power of your devices. Also, through The right app installed on your smartphone Or with Alexa, Google Home, and/or Google Assistant, you can manage everything with a simple tap.

Wi-Fi wall sockets also contain 2 built-in USB power outlets. Using the Wi-Fi ports on the wall in conjunction with the app will allow you to do this Turn devices on or off at any time And to adjust aspects such as brightness (for lights), volume (for speakers), and channel (for TV and radio).

2. Smart plug

Customizable and expandable home automation technology: 3 sockets and special functions

smart plugs (or smart plugs) An easy way to automate wired devices in your home. To fully configure it, all you have to do is Connect all devices to the power outlet, By following the instructions in the app which you will need to install on your phone or tablet. Then, once a wired device is connected, such as a lamp or a fan to your smart socket, You will be able to check this on your phone wherever you are.

If you have main center For a smart home, like Amazon Ech or Google Home, you can too Connect your smart plug to it So you can enable voice commands.

In addition to the fact “Talk to your house” in order to control it, Smart plugs are great to add to your home if you’re looking to save money on the energy bill. Using the scheduling function in the app, you can schedule the lights to turn on so that they only activate at certain times of the day when you’re at home. This way you will do nothing but Save a lot of energy And clear your wallet.

3. Wi-Fi slippers

Customizable and expandable home automation technology: 3 sockets and special functions

Multi Socket Smart Power Strip (or simply Wi-Fi power strip) Briefly allows all devices to be connected to a single source. It is called multi-socket specifically because Refers to the fact that multiple devices can be connected. This extension allows you to manage all types of devices through a simple application inserted on your smartphone. Thanks to this you also get access to many functions. One of the most important things that makes a Wi-Fi power strip a unique tool, is the ability Your voice control devices.

Smart lights, refrigerator and even air conditioners. All home automation accessories included in our home can be controlled through our voice, appropriately recorded and stored at the time of first use. The multi-plug power strip also allows, based on different needs, to Control all devices at the same time And without limits. In short, if you are really looking for innovation and want to achieve it Clever Your favorite place in the house, or the appliances you use the most, it is highly recommended to choose to use power strips of this type!

Home Automation Technology Ideas & Photo Gallery

Talking about home automation technology is not easy, because it is a completely futuristic way to understand the home. The processes that will take place in the coming years will fundamentally transform what we know as a local environment into something we have never seen or experienced before. In short, we just have to wait for the future improvements that will be in this area and, in the meantime, take a look at our gallery.

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