Technology, there is no need to deny it, is increasingly present in our lives and often allows for amazing developments of commonly used things, but it can be enriched with new and interesting features. Even a wall socket can become something that can be acoustically dialed in, thanks to home automation. Let’s find out together!


Wall jack voice commands

to talk about smart home Or if you prefer intelligence, you should be able to rely on it Devices and solutions capable of communicating and receiving orders in an innovative way. We all have common sockets at home, but if they can be activated then Activate or deactivate devices connected to it, simply by following a voice commandHow can our lives change and become simpler? It’s not a science fiction scenariobut something already exists today.

Wall jack voice commands

1. Voice controlled electric socket

Wall jack voice commands

Innovation is tangibly beneficial and destined to spread when it simplifies life. A new generation of hardware is born from the fusion of technological innovation and simplicity Capable of responding and adapting to customer requests and needs, practically in real time.

Thanks to integration with already popular voice assistants, such as AlexaAlready today Different wall socket models allow you to use your voicein a very natural way, To activate many home automation functions.

Not only Turn on or off one or more room lights, but adjust its intensity, color, and so on. Also, having some Voice-controlled smart socketscontrol extends to all electrical appliances, even if a little old, connected to them. A simple idea but very effective and that’s why it spreads quicklyalso thanks to the costs that are certainly sustainable in most cases, practically by anyone.

2. Volume keys and dimmers

Wall jack voice commands

Wall socketusually has one or more switches and one or more power outlets. There are practically endless models and possible configurationsFor example, it is becoming increasingly popular Sockets that provide one or more USB inputs, useful for charging smartphones and many other devices.

In the most advanced models, We can not only control the behavior of ports with our voice or with predefined and automated commands Thus for devices connected to it, but also switches, which will not necessarily have two states: on or off.

Often today, in the latest generation of wall sockets, switches are actually dimmers. Dimmer is a fixture Allows you to adjust the intensity of the light. Its name is derived from the English language “dims” Which specifically means Dimming or dimming the light. In Italian it is also called dimmer or dimmer. In the modern home, home automation, we will not only be able to say “turn on the light” or “turn off the light”but also reduce brightness Or maybe “Creates a Little Atmosphere”.

3. Voice-controlled Wi-Fi smart sockets

Wall jack voice commands

What it takes to build a houseIt may have been built several decades ago. More modern, smarter and ready for home automation? Residential home or smart home A house in which different devices communicate with each other and naturally with those who live therereceiving and transmitting information, which is useful for a broader and better performance of related tasks.

To make different parts of the house and different appliances communicate, it is best to start with systemsespecially Wi-Fi will play a major role in the smart homeAs long as you don’t want to run cables everywhere.

In addition to a well-connected home, It will be important to interfere with the electrical system, for example by adopting the latest generation of wall sockets It is no coincidence that they connect to a Wi-Fi network and do this Open to a world of possibilities, such as remote control from a smartphone or connecting to virtual assistants that can be controlled with one’s voice (Think for example those of Amazon or Google).

Asking your voice assistant for a weather forecast or playing your favorite song is convenient, but it expands its capabilities, allowing it, for example, to Turn on the lights or the TV, just by using your voice and saying a commandpotentially having implications capable of revolutionizing the way we live and understand home. These technologies already exist, they also cost very little and it is no coincidence that they spread quickly.

Predicting how much and how it will develop is not easy at all, but We can probably be sure that this development will be fast and at times it will be really surprising. There is no need to worry as long as the focus is clear, which is focus Make our life as easy as possible.

Wall socket ideas and photo gallery for voice commands

There are small things and accessories found in the house, which often do not pay special attention, but can be the heroes of a silent, but progressive, continuous and potentially revolutionary technological innovation. A good example is wall sockets, which can often be controlled remotely or simply by speaking. In the photo gallery we have some suggestions for choosing.

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