3 extra cars arrive and you can say goodbye to Bollo but RC Auto cheats empty the accounts

Lots of news on the auto front and if most of that news is certainly positive, unfortunately there are now also some really insidious scams.

The really valuable bonuses come to the front of the car and there is a really extraordinary savings potential but we also have to be careful.


The first active bonus on the front of the car The bonus is the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle.

There are three rich rewards

The bonus of buying an electric or hybrid car comes in handy 7500 euros if you buy an electric car and scrape the old one.


The discount becomes lower if the old vehicle is not canceled or if you choose a vehicle that is not zero-emissions. But the good thing is that besides this classic car bonus, there is a new bonus called the retrofit bonus. The retrofit bonus allows you to get 3,500 euros if you retrofit your car. Retrofit is the process that replaces it The old polluted motor with an electric motor. So retrofitting is a very environmental process that turns an old polluting car into a modern electric car.

New Bonuses Goodbye Taxes

So thanks to retrofit, the motorist will not need to buy a modern electric car But he will be able to adapt his old car. This is an IRPEF discount of a maximum of 3,500 euros. But in addition to these two bonuses on cars today, there is a possibility Full exemption from stamp duty. The car tax is one of the taxes that Italians hate the most and has the possibility of not paying it anymore It’s a very tempting thing. Also because the car tax is a very expensive tax and if it exceeds three years of non-payment, it reaches even Withdrawal of plates and registration certificate.

Exemption from road tax and fraud

Today there is even the possibility of obtaining exemption from paying car tax in three different cases. But even for those who do not fall into these three cases, there is always the possibility of a 20% discount. Let’s see in the three cases where you can get a full exemption from paying the car tax. The first case is the case of cars electrical. In this way, the government encourages the purchase of non-polluting cars. The second category of cars that are exempt from paying road tax are old cars, But even cars with Law 104 do not drive it. However, online policy scams are on the rise and it is important to be careful. Once you search for savings online, you can find scam sites and more and more Italians are falling in love with it.

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