3 exercises for more sculpting the arms and shoulders to do at home without weights, in addition to a flat stomach and harmonious buttocks muscles

With only a few months left to wear the clothes, we’re all starting to think about the streak. Feeling good about yourself isn’t always that simple, but each of us can do something to improve ourselves.

Going to the gym can be difficult due to the many daily obligations. However, if we think that only with machines and weights we can get results, we are very wrong.

We all yearn for sculpted buttocks and an amazing tummy, but the arms and shoulders are also areas that make many women feel uncomfortable. Consider, for example, ugly curtain rods. Although it is difficult to eliminate, there are targeted exercises and Some effective tricks to hide them.

Fortunately, we can do bodyweight exercises at home to get enviable arms and shoulders. In this article we will review 3 simple exercises that can help us achieve our goal if performed correctly and consistently.

3 exercises for more sculpting the arms and shoulders to do at home without weights, in addition to a flat stomach and harmonious buttocks muscles

Many do it for abdominal and glute training, but the plank is also ideal for arm muscles. Do the plank well It can give us excellent results, but there are many variations of this exercise. If we want to define the arms and shoulders more specifically, let’s try a plank with arm movements.

To do this, we start on our knees and elbows on the floor. The legs will be straight and our weight should support our toes and arms. Raise the pelvis, keeping the back straight and parallel to the floor.

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At this stage, we raise one arm, extending it forward at the height of the shoulders, trying not to balance ourselves. Do the same with the other arm and return to the starting position.

We recommend doing 3 sets of 5 repetitions, pausing for 30 seconds between each set.

arm rotation

In addition to tight buttocks and a flat stomach, here are another 3 exercises for the arms and shoulders: rotating the arms, to effectively train them together with the shoulders. This allows us to work on bicepson the triceps but also on the shoulders.

Keep the back straight and feet shoulder width apart. Starting in this position, we open our arms laterally, parallel to the floor. Keeping the palms forward, make small circles with the arms, first forward and then back. We can do 4 sets of 10 reps with a 30 second break in between.

cobra stand

This exercise trains the back, shoulders and arms without using any tools. Starting in a prone position, fully extend the legs with the toes touching the floor.

We place our palms on the floor next to us at chest height and push the upper body forward with our arms.

Shoulders back, neck steady, and pelvis always in contact with the floor. Once in position, let’s hold it for a few seconds and return with the torso to the floor on the exhale.

During the exercise, your arms should always be in contraction. 3 repetitions out of 10 can be helpful for more toned arms and shoulders.


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