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3 Curiosities about the Australian Grand Prix

Residents of Melbourne, a very nice Australian town on the southeast side, don’t want that. But if there is a reason for the world’s notoriety, it is certainly the fact that Melbourne is home to one of the Formula 1 Grand Prix The most anticipated and exciting from the circus: Australian Grand Prix. A track that gave unforgettable pages of Formula 1 history, real movie scenarios. But it is also a unique circuit for other special reasons that make it unique in the world panorama. Let’s see together the three main things about the Australian Grand Prix.

Australian Grand Prix road characteristics

The first It is related to its own classification, which can be defined as a hybrid. Albert Park (from the name of the location around which the winds circulate) is a semi-permanent city circuit, that is, the race is run on roads that are crossed daily by normal vehicular traffic. It is no coincidence that it is not uncommon along the road to see seemingly contradictory stop signs or traffic lights. But tradition means that, at least on the eve of the competition, the maze of curves and straight lines involved in racing cars is forbidden to improve efficiency and clean up debris. However, at the start of the weekend race it can get a bit dirty, slippery and a little bit of a grip. But it is an easily overlooked limit to the path, if it can be defined as such, among the most memorable paths in the world.


The The second reason for curiosity It’s her position as “dancer” in the Formula 1 season calendar. Melbourne, as we’ve been calling it for several years, hasn’t always been… Melbourne, meaning that at its inception, the Australian Grand Prix was run elsewhere. That means it’s in Adelaide where he competed in his first 11 editions, from 1985 to 1996. But that’s not all, because the Australian GP went from being the last race of the season to the opening race.

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fireworks display

And here we come to The third privacy from the peripheral event. Until the Australian Grand Prix finished last square on the calendar, it often decided the fate of the world championship by introducing the pyrotechnics finale. What happened in 1986 is etched in the memory of all fans, and Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Beckett and Ayrton Senna will compete for the title in the last race. Nigel Mansell arrives in Adelaide with the world championship in his pocket.

He has a car, Williams, like a bolt of lightning and a fourth is enough to be crowned champion. After stunning twists that see rivals as champions, the Brits’ unexpected knockout hit just a few laps from the end: Williams’ left rear tire explodes in straight dreams and goodbye to glory. But the theatrical driver and mustache would have a chance to make up for that in 1992.

Last modified: July 2, 2022

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