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From the official reply document from Microsoft to the FTCAnd, in anticipation of the legal battle that lies ahead in court, it turns out the company has at least the anticipation 3 Bethesda games Such as Xbox exclusivesthat is, they will not reach the PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

Obviously, no names are mentioned, so we’ll have to rely on a bit of deduction to understand what it might be. There is talk of three games coming “in the future”, mainly structured as “single player” or to be played in “small groups”.

Starfield is expected to be one of three Bethesda exclusive titles on Xbox
Starfield is expected to be one of three Bethesda exclusive titles on Xbox

If the manifest contains already known games, we can easily imagine that two of these could be Starfield and Redfall (which the fact that they can be played in small groups can indicate), so the third would remain a mystery, even if it would be easy Guess.

prime suspect Sheikh manuscripts 6 Obviously, given that it is, in fact, the only other officially announced game by Bethesda that could be included in the case, but it could also be Indiana Jones, the new MachineGames game currently in development. The latter is hard to think of as an exclusive given the character’s universal appeal and the fact that LucasFilm Games might object to blocking distribution on other platforms, so it’s a distant hypothesis.

Obviously, it would change dramatically if we were dealing with matches Not announced yet Or if that doesn’t take into account Starfield and Redfall, but we’re inclined to think the two titles are included in a pack of three exclusives. The statement is part of Microsoft’s official Federal Trade Commission response document, which sheds light on the company’s approach to Bethesda’s content post-acquisition.

After the deal closed, the first of two new ZeniMax games were released under the name PlayStation exclusive for one year After launch, the document reads, Xbox predicts three future games – [titoli rimossi] All designed to be played individually or in small groups – they’ll be exclusive to Xbox and PC. However, in keeping with the historical approach, Xbox has continued to release new updates to existing games like Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online on both Xbox and PlayStation, because these games are designed to be played by larger communities on different platforms.”

This last point is specifically used to support the idea of ​​a multi-platform future for Call of Duty, since this is also a title being played in multiplayer on different platforms by an expanding community, according to Microsoft.

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