25 new physicians qualified in general medicine

“During the year, I am 25 doctors achieved the qualification in recent days by passing the final exam From the specified training course in general medicine for a period of three years 2017-2020, it may be agreed upon by the health authorities to cover interim positions for primary care and continuity of care, as well as for emergency activities.

The Deputy Governor in charge of the health of Friuli Venezia Giulia explains, Ricardo RicardiThis reaffirms the regional administration’s commitment to work so that there is a strong training offer by supporting courses such as the just concluded course that will introduce 25 new general practitioners into the system.

“These new powers represent A breath of fresh air for the territory: The primary physicians will, in fact, cover the places their retired colleagues have left vacant – Ricardi explained -. Only 25 qualified professionals will be able to acquire final assignments in 2022 But this year they will be able to play the temporary roles of MMG, medical guard, or activities in Usca and they will certainly be able to ensure assistance to citizens, give the first response to the health needs of the population according to the proximity criterion and thus reduce the burden on the hospital and cover the deficient areas. ”

Specifically to allow physicians to participate in the notification for inclusion in the regional ranking of general practitioners for the year 2022 that ended on January 31, the test was taken on January 29, immediately upon completion of the training course by all physicians with the achievement of the number of hours of practical activity required by the educational system.

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Despite the pandemic, clinicians were able to continue training as well through 2020, completing the theory in the webinar mode while the practice was partly implemented through internships in SSR structures and physician study head teacher, and partly, with alternative activities Perceived and rewarded by emergency legislation, for example within Usca, contact tracing processes and temporary first aid missions. Checked by videoconferencing.

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