25 million people fear a new closure –

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10 days after restrictions end, authorities are testing all residents for new infections: residents in despair over the zero-infection policy

here we go again. Just Ten days after the end of the lockdown in ShanghaiAnd the Megacities with a population of 25 million peoplethe beating heart of the Chinese economy, the authorities announced that in 14 of the 16 counties that divide eastern New York, it will be tomorrow It is almost impossible to leave the house to allow a mass screeningbecause of New cases of Covid have been reported in the past few days. Thus, according to Non-contagion policy Imposed by President Xi Jinping at the beginning of the epidemic two years ago, an army in a white suit like kirk in the streets heated by the first summer sun Discovering (and isolating) those who carry the cursed virus with them.

the news, As well as throwing people into despaircaused an immediate rush to supermarkets fearing that – in addition to stopping for a day for testing – whole new block In the event that new positives are discovered (statistics do not leave great hopes) here and there, incomplete in the vast city: Shops emptied in a few hours and frustration at the highest levels. On Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, fears abound: In the apartment block near where I live – writes for example Zhang Jian, 34, a real estate agent – they’ve already banned everyone from going outside while waiting for the test. If a positive one turns out, we’ll judge us all.

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Doubts about the true effectiveness of absolute prevention persist. But publishing it is dangerous: Censorship is latent and empirically tested. The problem is No one can question the decisions of the new commanding officer: Changing health policy (in this case) would be a loss of face. At that point, anyone at the top could question his leadership within weeks of the party convention (expected in the fall). Xi Jinping will want to be crowned for a third consecutive termchanging the succession of power as envisioned by Deng Xiaoping.

on the other side, The truth of the facts is inescapable. The variants of Covid-19 do not follow the ideological principles of any party. Infection, in a country of 1.4 billion people, is statistically unstoppable. but bCase auction to close neighborhoods and cities, with all the resulting inconveniences. How long will the Chinese be able to withstand this push and pull?

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