24-hour medical attendance, even on holidays

The former headquarters of the Centrale del Latte in Bari has become a community home, one of the five homes provided for in Bari by the National Resilience and Recovery Plan. This was reported by the local health authority, with a schedule set this morning during a meeting attended by the company’s technical district, Bari social and sanitary district and the design studio tasked with formulating the redevelopment project. Funding required to build the city’s new health center is approximately €10 million, including funds drawn from PNRR and ERDF funds.

“We are redesigning the social welfare plan of the city of Bari – explains the general manager of ASL in Bari, Antonio Sanguidulci – With an innovative and efficient organization that takes into account the demand that comes directly from the citizens. The former Centrale del Latte is the ideal location to host one of five PNRR listed community homes and is intended to provide proximity services.”

Among the novelties of regional assistance, in the community home, the medical presence will be ensured by general practitioners and specialist pediatricians every day, from 8 to 20 with overnight coverage supplemented by continuity of care: this means that the presence will ensure the doctor in the structure 24 hours a day , including holidays.

The heart of the community home healthcare activity will be the outpatient clinic where they will find space: Sampling Center, Outpatient Nursing Clinic, Specialized Outpatient Clinics (cardiology, respiratory diseases, geriatrics, neurology, orthopedics, dermatology, diabetes, endocrinology). endocrinology, internal medicine, urology, otolaryngology), and image diagnostics. The rest of the rooms will be used for rooms, changing rooms, operator and staff services, as well as distribution and waiting areas, secretaries, break rooms and toilets.

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According to the recently updated feasibility project, the structure will be developed on a large area partly intended to house the administrative offices of the Bari district and partly destined for local healthcare.

In detail, the former dairy factory will be organized into three buildings: one is included in the former structure of the current building, this is the oldest part and is subject to restrictions by the supervisory authority, where the offices of the Bari single district will be located; The other two, which will be built from scratch, will instead be home to the Community House and Services to Citizens.

The connecting element between the restored part and the newly built parts will be the size of a bridge, a kind of “arm” suspended between the two blocks. Within the future Community House there will be: Front Office Services (Registration, CUP, PUA, etc..), Various Branches (Outside Help and Rare Diseases, Supplementary Assistance, Oxygen Therapy, URP), Listening Point for People with Disabilities, Family Counseling.

“In line with ministerial indications, we envision a physical place of proximity that – says Rosella Scciarini, the new director of Bari’s solo district – is easily identifiable to a community that thus has the opportunity to connect with the health and community welfare and social system. The investment aims – and continues – to provide local health assistance to the population. and ensuring service above all for the elderly and the fragile population, thereby reducing the number of hospitalizations, even if they are not urgent.”

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