2022 Olympics, medal hopes entrusted to ‘pink avalanche’

According to a recent analysis, in the upcoming Beijing Olympics, Italy will win 12 medals with women ready to claim 9 medals

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Secondly recent analysis Conducted by Gracenote from Nielsen, Women are expected to win three-quarters of the Italian medals in Beijing On the occasion of the upcoming Winter Olympics.

The scenario has changed profoundly since 1924 when women were able to compete Only in two majors: Figure skating and in pairs (but in the latter case they had to have a male partner).

In Beijing, the gender gap is shrinking even further

In terms of winter sports, The gender gap has steadily narrowed over the past three decades. With the addition of the 2022 women’s bobsleigh event, 12 of Beijing’s 15 majors will provide equal medal chances for both genders. In fact, the 2022 Olympics will see the lowest gap in history With the female participation rate increased from 41 to 45.44%.

Already on the occasion of the Tokyo Summer Olympics The Italian national team emerged for gender equality: Of the 384 qualified athletes – the largest expedition ever – 197 were men and 187 were women.

Nordic combined sport, which includes cross-country skiing and snowboarding, is the only non-female sport. However, the International Skating Federation (FIS) plans to break this last barrier at the 2026 Games, which will be held in Italy.

Compared to the 81.3% gender gap recorded at the first Winter Olympics in Chamonix in 1924, theWomen’s chances of winning medals in Beijing will be only 5.5% lower than men’s. A goal achieved in three ways. First, with an equal number of events for men and women included. Secondly, thanks to the equalization of competitions between men and women in most sports. And third, thanks to the recent addition of mixed team events.

Olympic Games 2022: 9 out of 12 medals at The Avalanche Rosa

Updated analysis to date provides that Italy will win 12 medals in Beijing (2 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze), while 9 medals will be won by women..

According to forecasts, women will also receive more than half of the medals won by Sweden, the United States, China and the Netherlands. Norway should hold the top spot overall with 21 golds, ahead of Germany and Russia.

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