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revenue agency published The guide has been updated until 2022 With all the useful information onbuy home. give her Concessions on buying a first homeincluding Bonus for those under 36 years old, to me first home tax credit, until the account Taxes on first and second home purchasesAnd the All you need to know.

Advantages of buying a first home in 2022

When you buy your first home, you are entitled to a series of concessions, or a reduction in taxes to be paid. In detail, these are the taxes you pay when buying a first home:

If the seller is an individual or a company selling VAT exempt

  • proportional registration tax in the amount of 2% (instead of 9%)
  • Fixed tax on mortgage of 50 EUR
  • Flat cadastral tax of 50 EUR

If you buy from a company, sales are subject to VAT

  • VAT reduced to 4%
  • Flat registration tax of €200
  • Flat tax on a mortgage of €200
  • Flat cadastral tax of €200

Buying my first home I already own

From January 1, 2016, Tax benefits have also been extended to taxpayers who already own a home Purchased with the advantages of the first home, a Provided that the home already owned is sold within one year of the new purchase.
In the new property purchase deed under a subsidized system (sale, gift deed or inheritance declaration) There must be an obligation to sell the property Already owned within a year. If this does not happen, you will lose the interest used to purchase the new property, as well as the higher taxes and related interest, You will have to pay a fine of 30%

What should you pay attention to when buying a home?

When you decide to buy a home, you have to be careful. First of all, you have to get it As much information as possible about the property Make sure to make your purchase By the rightful owner of the house. If it is true that the notary who issues the deed of sale examines the cadastral condition and mortgage of the property, then it is possible to use Some practical tools to know the state of the original intend to buy. It is also important to know what happens if you decide to move out tentative contractthe so-called.

What taxes do you pay to buy a home?

If the purchase is not for the first home, the The taxes to be paid are as follows:

If the seller is a company, the general rule is The sale is exempt from value added tax. In this case, the buyer will have to pay:

  • 9% registration tax •
  • Fixed mortgage tax of 50 EUR
  • Flat cadastral tax of 50 EUR

in those letters From contracting companies that are not exempted from VAT, The buyer will have to pay:

  • 10% VAT (for transfers and deeds of creation of real rights to residential homes (also under construction) classified or classified in cadastral classes other than A/1, A/8 and A/9, if there are no requirements to take advantage of “first home” privileges, or 22% VAT for transfers and deeds of creation of real estate rights relating to property classified or reclassifiable in categories A/1, A/8, A/9
  • Flat registration tax of €200
  • Fixed Mortgage Tax €200
  • Flat cadastral tax of €200.

To buy a second home as a private personThe buyer must pay the following taxes:

  • proportional registration tax 9%
  • Fixed mortgage tax of 50 EUR
  • Flat cadastral tax of 50 euros.

How is the registration tax for home purchases calculated?

To buy a first home Registration tax 2% in In the case of a purchase by a private individual, in the case of a purchase from a company, it is The fixed amount is equal to 200 euros. In the case of a second home, the amount is 9% for purchases that are exempt from VAT; While for a fixed amount of 200 euros in the case of purchase subject to VAT.

Both when buying from AThe company is exempt from VAT when purchasing from a private individualHowever, the relative registration tax can not be less than 1000 Euro. However, the actual amount to be paid can be less due to the deduction of the proportional tax that was already paid on the deposit when the initial contract was registered.

How does the first home purchase tax credit work?

Whoever sold the house he bought by concession and within a year bought another house in the presence of the conditions to benefit from the benefits of the “first house”, is entitled to obtain A tax credit equal to registration tax or value-added tax Paid for your first supported purchase.

A tax credit is also due when a repurchase is made contract or exchange contract The same is true in the case of the taxpayer buys a new home Before selling the property already owned.

However, the tax credit cannot exceed the tax due on the second purchase and can be used, When choosing a taxpayer:

  • in tax reduction From registration due on new purchase
  • for the full amount, Reducing registration, mortgage and cadastral taxes, From those on bequests and gifts owed on bonds and reports submitted after the date of credit acquisition
  • lower personal income tax Due on the first tax return after the new purchase
  • against other taxes and contributions due when unit payments are made using Form F24 (using tax code 6602)

Home buying guide in pdf format

Here you can download a file Updated Guide to Revenue Agency on meBuying a house in pdf

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