2022 FIFA Women’s World Cup Quarter-finals live volleyball

there live text live by USA and Turkeythe game is valid for i Quarter-finals subordinate Women’s Volleyball World Cup 2022It is scheduled to take place between the Netherlands and Poland from September 23 to October 15. The Stars and Stripes team of Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalist Karsh Kirali faces the Turkish side coached by Italian Giovanni Gedetti in a match that promises to be spectacular. Who will win the victory and reach the semi-finals? The appointment is 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday 11 October in Gliwice, Poland. will keep you company with live text updated minute by minute, so that you do not miss a single emotion.

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USA 0-0 Turkey (23-19)

Group One – The United States returns to lead the game and is one step away from Group One. 23-19

FIRST SET – Beautiful wall by Frantti. Americans are trying to shake and influence 16-16.

Group One – Another winning wall for Turkey. The United States in great difficulty, 11-13

The first group – the excited reaction of the Turks, who find the same thing. This time the time limit for the Americans 10-10

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1st set – It looks like the GEDITY timeout has worked. -3 Turkey, 9-6

First set – great ball by Drews, Americans stretch. 7-3

The first group – an excellent start from the United States. 5-2

First set – let’s go, have fun!

5.15pm – Sportface friends, welcome to the US-Turkey live text. Soon we start!

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