2021 calendar changes again

Also in 2021 Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 will not be done. Despite the initial move from March to November, the organizers raised the white flag, they did so after a long debate and issued the announcement with this tweet. “We regret to announce that the 2021 Australian Grand Prix has been canceled due to restrictions imposed due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Now a new path will be needed quickly to fill the hole created by Melbourne, which it hopes to return to in 2022.

Melbourne GP off the calendar for the second time

Therefore, the Grand Prix organizers are announcing early on that the race has been cancelled, which is bad news for fans who won’t be able to catch up on this year’s often-promising date. The Australian race has been on the calendar since 1985, but has been running in Melbourne since 1996 and ran into 2019, while the race was last year. It was the subject of controversy. Because the pilots flew to Australia to contemplate competing in the championship’s first race, which was canceled just hours before free practice began on Friday, with some pilots already on board and heading home. It was March, and the pandemic was being taken seriously around the world.

US or Bahrain bis instead of Australia

Now we need to understand what will happen in the Formula 1 World Championship calendar. There will definitely be 23 races so we need another one to be included, the one that will actually replace Melbourne. It is difficult to make predictions, because sThe Japanese Suzuka race should also be cancelled There may be some twists and turns in the fall races. At the moment, the main hypotheses to replace Australia with a new race are represented in the United States or Bahrain, but the potential returns of the Mugello or the Nurburgring cannot be ruled out, leading to a reshaping of the calendar.

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