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Catania airport reopens after a gray rain rains on Etna

AGI – Catania airport operates again at 9 am, with the EasyJet flight arriving from Milan Malpensa, after yesterday’s interruption due to volcanic activity of Aetna, with a copious emission of ash. Once the runway clean-up operations were completed, he continued throughout the night using six sweepers and two technical support vehicles, plus ten units, to remove a large amount of volcanic ash from the runway, from the driveway, from the squares and all surrounding roads. According to a volcanologist, “This paroxysmal episode was not exceptional. There have been hundreds of them in recent decades, including 66 in 2000 and about 50 in the years 2011-2013. It was not even the most severe. This time lava fountains may have been They reached an altitude of 500 meters above the southeastern crater; on December 3, 2015, incandescent planes in Foragen reached an altitude of up to three thousand meters. This was stated by a volcanologist at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Catania, Boris Behunk, after yesterday’s eruption of the amazing Etna volcano, which is called here, in a mixture of affection and respect “Montana”. This kind of activity, between seismic and a lava fountain, he says, “has nothing to do with earthquakes. We are in a seismic zone, with high seismic risks, regardless, but this activity tonight has nothing to do with earthquakes. We are in a zone of earthquakes and seismic hazards are.” Same as always. ” Then a volcanologist reassured: “Fragments of the glowing rocks did not fall into populated areas … physically impossible.” Finally, a clear look at the “almost incomprehensible”. Yes, Etna will one day have a new side eruption. If it happened at high altitudes in a remote sector, then there would be no problems. If it happens at lower altitudes in a densely populated sector, it will be a big problem. But it wouldn’t be anything unusual, because Etna has always done these things and always will. “Tuesday February 16, after the end of the lava fountain ring, around 7 pm, the lava emission gradually decreased. From the south – the eastern crater. The pyroclastic flows no longer recharged, and in the more advanced part they slowly continued. In particular, the lava flow was directed. The main lava towards the central part of the Valle del Bove, after some other small lava flows, which had developed north and south, slowly advanced and reached a height of about 2,900 meters. The average volcanic earthquake amplitude continued to show a descending trend.

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