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£ 2,000 to leave the UK and return to Europe

London – You are a citizen of the European Union but a resident of the United Kingdom, and by chance, after Brexit, you are thinking of leaving the country: the government is willing to pay you a plane ticket and give you up to 2000 pounds of ‘move verification’.

This new rule, which has been active since January 1 of this year, is being discussed in a somewhat implicit way. In fact, it is just amending the list of countries to facilitate the return of migrants by adding … all EEA + countries: the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA) plus Switzerland.

This possibility, combined with the uncertainty about the new UK Unionist Citizens Regulation System known by the acronym EUSS (European Union Settlement Scheme), could lead many of those who have the most in balance jobs to choose the check. Safe and leave the island forever.

For those who work with EU citizens in precarious conditions in the UK, this is in stark contrast to the promise not to be neglected: “For many, the settlement is still far from a solution” – Benjamin Morgan, the attorney, told The Guardian, The London Legal Clinic for the Homeless Europeans – “For them it is a complicated process, not to mention the bureaucratic difficulties. What comes from the government is a double-sided message. ”

The authorities do not agree, through a spokesperson confirming how the option was presented “taking into account those who, coming from the European Economic Area, after the terms of Brexit, did not want to settle their position.”

How does the EU Settlement Scheme work

If you are not a British citizen and live on British soil, you must have your status settled through EUSS, and this applies to all citizens of the European Economic Area, the European Union and Switzerland. This also applies to anyone who is not British but who was born in the United Kingdom.

Those who have a residence permit for an indefinite period are exempt from the procedure, those who moved to the UK before entering the European Union (so before January 1, 1973), and those who moved there temporarily – and without residency – for work reasons (and the relevant permission can appear) From Border factor) And the diplomats.

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