+ 20% in one day (and more than 250 thousand new bookings in a few hours) –

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In Lazio in a few hours 55 thousand new reservations, ten times the average of the previous week. In Lombardy until 20 yesterday more than 62 thousand reservations, in Veneto 20 thousand new reservations. Contents for the age group 12-19 years

One New click in reservations 20% compared to the previous day. Budget-friendly, but not in that proportion, especially in some regions such as Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto where the vaccination campaign has already been sent. Advertising From the mandatory green lane as of August 6, contained in an ordinance, has resulted in increased adhesions on regional platforms that move reservations for the first doses in increments of up to 200% at smaller doses. Potential estimates, calculated by collecting data that arrive a little in quirks and spots from the regions, are about 250,000 new ones booked for the campaign yesterday alone. Nationally, compared to the past 24 hours, the number of new members has increased by a fifth. So far they’ve preferred to wait as reservations have been released since mid-June. But this news, which actually contains an indirect obligation to vaccinate due to restrictions on those without vaccinations, has convinced some undecided.

Data by region

In Lazio in a few hours 55 thousand new reservations, ten times the average of the previous week. In Lombardy until 20 yesterday more than 62 thousand, in Veneto 20 thousand new booked until 16 yesterday, in Emilia Romagna the shows at the same time indicate a range of 22-25 thousand new booked in one day, 80 thousand in the four The latter, upon commitment from green certificate It has now become a reality. In Tuscany 13 thousand new members as of 6 pm yesterday, more than 20 thousand in Piedmont, about 9 thousand in Campania at 4 pm, a number similar to the number of Liguria, which has already registered 5 thousand new reservations Thursday evening. Reservations in Puglia tripled compared to the day before, in Basilicata it doubled, as in Marche and Umbria, but also in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sardinia.

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Push for the campaign

So the government’s goal was centered. This is to push the vaccination campaign towards mass immunity at the end of September when we should have covered at least 43.4 million Italians with a double dose, 80% of the immunized population aged 12 and over. At the moment, there are about 8.5 million missing. Thanks to the summer period in all regions in the first fifteen days of July, there was a drop in registrations. Unconfident, not spoiled, unconcerned, wait until you don’t risk sticking to the recall date over the holidays. The green certificate, which is probably binding when traveling and who knows in the workplace, has tracked down those who have eluded. In Lombardy, more than a thousand people over their 60s, who are most at risk, have been pulled out of the countryside.


Administration dates vary between region and region. In the smallest, it is realistic that the date of the first puncture is within a week, ten days, in those with a larger population, it is likely to slip even after mid-August. But the variables are endless. It depends on the scheduling of refunds, on stocks in refrigerators, and even on shifts of health workers at vaccination centers. The recalls are also set to decrease over the days given the current rate of second doses being around 450,000 on average per day. Barring a few bottlenecks in some areas – which should delay the sting for those now sticking to the campaign beyond August 6 – supplies remain sufficient for demand rising upwards after a few weeks of pulling back. There are less than 2.6 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna in storage in refrigerators plus 850,000 doses of AstraZeneca and 900 thousand doses of Janssen are only usable for more than 60 of which about 2.1 million are missing. These are stocks that will run out in a few days but 3.5 million doses per week of new supplies are expected. Therefore the 500,000 daily injections speed must be maintained with these new members. In yesterday’s surge in bookings, especially the 12-19 range, it will be quickly capped in order to safely reopen schools in September.

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