2.5 million euros in funding up from NRP

The administration of the municipality of Pisa was among the winners in the expression of interest directed to the municipalities of the provincial capital, announced by the Department for Sports and Social Inclusion of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The aim of the call was to select proposals for urban restoration through the construction of sports facilities, within the PNRR funding lines. The project submitted by the municipality of Pisa to build a New sports facility In the Cep . district Via Vecellio He obtained a €2.5 million loan for a business providing a total investment of €3,407,000.

“As we had hoped – announces Public Works and Sports Facilities Consultant Rafael Latrova – that we were able to win this incalculable loan for a sports infrastructure in Cep that had been waiting for many years. In the past there was already an attempt by the previous administration, but it was not Successful multifunctional structure As foreseen in the announcement: Since we are still in the initial planning stage, we will present the project to the district for suggestions and requests. It is gratifying that the municipal budget does not exceed 300,000 euros, and therefore it is a particularly profitable operation from an economic point of view. ”

“Thanks to the project presented by the administration – continues Latrofa – a large multi-purpose sports facility will be built, next to the recently redeveloped football stadium. Total investment around 3.5 million euros, in addition to the €2.5 million financing through PNRR funds, €607K has been added coming from an old restricted contribution for the construction of sports facilities in Cep. This money was transferred from Apes to the municipality as compensation for the construction of public housing built on the site of the neighborhood’s historic football field. A loan that has remained completely unused over the years. The sports complex will also host a gym dedicated to boxing, one of the historical sports practiced in the Cep region. Through this gym an answer is given to a neighborhood in which we carry out many public works, such as sidewalks, asphalt, green spaces, redevelopment, and above all you will complete a real castle for sports, a central place for training and gathering boys. Another part of our administrative work puts neighborhoods at the center.”

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The area covered by the intervention in Via Vecellio, with green urban sports destination, allows you to create a complex that manages to complete the fabric and give order to it where there is already a sports facility with a football field. The intervention involves the construction of a multi-purpose facility on one floor above the ground facing the structures of the football field, comprising of a gymnasium where basketball, volleyball, handball and gymnastic activities can be practiced at different levels. Inside the gym there is an amphitheater for the public with independent access. There is also a service body with changing rooms for use in the main gym and boxing hall. In fact, a boxing gymnasium will be built within the complex with adjacent spaces for physical preparation and training. The intervention includes the completion of the road network linking it to the parking lots designated for the system. The total cost of the intervention is €3,407,000 with funding projections broken down as follows: €2,500,000 in PNRR funds; 607,000 euros with restricted contribution for the construction of sports facilities in Cep converted from Apes; 300,000 euros with budget allocation from the municipality of Pisa.

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