2-1 against Parma penultimate and in crisis

Brought to the wall by an inconsistent project, Parma’s landing nomination (he will be third in 36: 1985 in C1, 2008 and 2015 in B) is becoming increasingly dangerous. Ninth-placed Juric’s Hellas are back with 33 symbols, winning even without Zaccagni and Faraoni: The Emilions have not succeeded since the end of November, thus extending their worst streak ever in the top flight, 9 defeats and four even in the past 13 days. So far, before the last, he can only compete against Turin, Parma: -4 from the grenade, fourth last, while Prandelli Fiorentina, 9 more points ahead. “This is not a last resort,” Daversa said to Bentegodi. Right. But it is also true that Parma is still a team without a precise identity, apparently lacking the means to act as a touchdown, as happened in D’Aversa’s first management, and unable to gain a foothold in the opponent. Half. D’Aversa has been summoned urgently for Liverani, has not found the key and will appear on the field. Opponents just need to double Gervinho because he did half the work: Cornelius touched many balls in the area but did not score (the last goal on the last day of the last tournament) and Zirkzy rose from the bench (2001 on loan from Bayern Munich) to whom should be done Submit it according to other criteria. Many D’Aversa expected several new cards over 1, especially up front, compared to the hit in the derby with Bologna: Either Zirkzee – who had the same ball on his head in the final – or Mihaila himself, to say, that move her. Of course, if the idea was Pele, Parma would have to wait, given the sudden injury of the former “Chinese”. Unable to retain the benefits, even on the banks of the Adige, Parma has been redeemed. The feature (Kucka, impeccable accuracy) was the result of a good approach. But in the defensive phase, the guests never gave the impression that they were able to block the Hellas eruption, especially the one done by Dimarco, the winger and Yurich’s best “striker” for one night. De facto (for the League, this is Grassi’s goal) the equalizer and his left corner veered through Barack in the 2-1 goal that embodies Verona’s 1000th goal among the greats. Worst attack in the tournament (an excellent young Lovato character over Karamoeh and Gervinho), Parma is the second most defeated defense. From the United States, President Krause said earlier this week that he blindly believed in the power of the group. For their part, the masses raised a banner reading “Patience is over”. The fourth consecutive knockout tells us that very little light is seen at the end of the tunnel.

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