1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible Parked for 25 Years Dressed to Impress, Begs for Help

Title: Rare 1969 GTO Convertible Emerges from 25 Years in Storage, Attracts Potential Buyers

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Annual GTO sales for the year 1969 took a significant hit, falling from 87,600 units to a mere 72,287 units sold. This decline continued over the next couple of years, with sales dropping to 40,000 and then a dismal 10,500 units in 1970 and 1971, respectively. However, despite the declining sales trend, the GTO hardtop remained the preferred choice for buyers in 1969, accounting for over 58,000 units sold, while the convertible variant proved to be much rarer, with only 7,328 units sold.

Recently, an extraordinary find hit the online marketplace eBay, as a 1969 GTO convertible that had spent 25 years in storage surfaced for sale. Though information about the storage conditions is scarce, the vehicle appears to have been properly maintained and remains in impressive condition. The paint and interior have withstood the test of time and are still in good shape.

The seller of this rare GTO states that various components, including lights, blinkers, horn, wipers, and the cigarette lighter, are in working condition. A notable feature of this vintage vehicle is that the convertible top can still be raised and lowered, a testament to its durability.

However, potential buyers should be aware that immediate attention is required for certain areas of the vehicle. Rust issues on the floors and in the trunk need to be addressed, along with concerns about the engine. Unfortunately, the original factory engine is no longer available, and the current non-matching engine is deemed not roadworthy. To attain its former glory, the GTO will require a complete restoration, involving rebuilding the engine and resolving powertrain issues.

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Despite these flaws, the 1969 GTO survivor remains in better condition compared to other project cars currently on the market. The seller has set an asking price of $24,000 but has indicated some level of flexibility regarding offers. The listing has already attracted the attention of 31 potential buyers who may be hoping for a lower selling price.

Car enthusiasts and collectors are eagerly following the fate of this rare find, waiting to see if it will be restored to its former grandeur or serve as a treasure trove of spare parts for other GTO enthusiasts.

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