19 years old asks for 50 thousand

Negotiations are underway between the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk A 19-year-old student from Florida Jack Sweeneyto delete a Twitter account which follows the motions of a musk plane like a shadow. The billionaire first tried to make the boy think. Nothing is done. So Musk decided to switch to the cheap deals: $5,000 to get rid of the account that tracks his private jet. But Sweeney raised: He wants 50,000.

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CNN reports Noting that Sweeney has more than 150 thousand followers and through his account on Twitter, ElonJet, he monitors Musk’s flights and reports when and where the plane takes off or lands and the duration of each flight. The young student at the University of Central Florida has developed dozens of other accounts that track the travels of notable people, including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Musk’s first message is dated November 30: “Can you take it off?” asked Mask Sweeney. “It’s a security risk.” The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX eventually offered him $5,000, but Sweeney responded by asking for $50,000 instead. The ball is now back in Musk’s hands.

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