16 medals, a new record after Shanghai

Italy’s backlash comes at the World Swimming Championships in Abu Dhabi on the final day. The performance raised the number of medals won by the Azzurri in the UAE to 16 (5 gold, many silver and 6 bronze), and placed third behind the United States (30) and Canada (15 medals but 2 gold). and 1 other silver).

Alessandro Merisi won the gold medal in the 100th freestyle at the Abu Dhabi World Championships

The end was a crack. Ai’s last fires Abu Dhabi World Swimming Championships Short Track Italy photographed them in the finals of the 100m freestyle (gold and new Italian record Alessandro Merisi), in the men’s mixed relay 4 x 100 (gold again with Miressi as champion) and in the 50 frog (silver with Niccolo Martinini). Previously wins Matteo Revolta In 100 Dolphin Friendly Alberto Razetti In 200 butterflies as well as wins in substitutions.

Flick of the tail that led to 16 number of medals The Azzurri won it in the UAE (5 gold, 6 silver), and placed third behind the United States (30) and Canada (15 medals but with 2 gold and one silver). A set of awards The Italian swimming set a new record compared to the 2006 Shanghai edition, where our expedition did not exceed 12 medals (2 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze).

Niccolo Martinini close to gold for cents in 50th breaststroke final

Niccolo Martinini close to gold for cents in 50th breaststroke final

Lights and shadows. Behind the scenes, one of the most anticipated heroes retreated: Gregorio Paltrinieri He lost everything, from medal access to the 1500m freestyle world record that he snatched Florian Willbrook. The German was in control of the race but was not satisfied: on the last lap he stopped the clock at 14’06″88 by no less than 14’08” 06 for Greg, but enough to clear the opponent’s name and stamp it at the bottom of the scoring legend. “It could have been very good or very bad – in the words of Patinieri – but when it came time to increase the pace and push, I was dead”.

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From the bitterness of the Paltrinieri for performing below expectations to the humiliation of Martinini. One lost the gold, the other just touched it and saw it slip out from under his nose at a fifty-cent frog. “I made a mistake on the last stroke, I finished too long, and I probably lost the race there,” Blue admits very sincerely. The score in 200 backstrokes was also sweet and bitter for Lorenzo Moura who is trying so hard to see the trophy half-full: fourth place and Italian record but “I have a bitter taste in my mouth”. There is no more faith (Pellegrini), but there is a team.

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