15 EU countries apply, Italy does not

Fifteen EU countries have decided to take part in the EU Commission’s appeal against the Hungarian anti-LGBT law. Among them are France and Germany, but Italy does not appear on the list.

Sources from the Elysee confirmed to Tetu, the French historical LGBT magazine, that “France, in coordination with Germany, has decided to support the European Commission in its appeal against the anti-LGBT law in force in Hungary since June 2021.” France joined last night, just before the deadline to do so. The European Parliament and 15 countries have joined the appeal. In addition to France and Germany, Tito wrote, these are Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Ireland, Malta, Greece and Denmark.

In June 2021, Hungary adopted a law banning homosexual and transgender depictions of minors. According to the Hatter Association, a Hungarian anti-homophobia association, the law has had the effect of increasing anti-LGBT sentiment, with self-censorship over these issues pervasive in all sectors of society. The following month, the European Commission launched an infringement procedure based on the prohibition of discrimination contained in the European treaties. After a stage of negotiations with Budapest, which did not resolve the issue, the Commission chose the route of appeal to the European justice system.

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