130,000 new jobs

Rome “In two months, we will open seven construction sites all over Italy that will employ 130,000 people.” This was confirmed by the CEO of the company State railwaysAnd the Gianfranco Baptiste, Speaking at the MoltoEconomia webinar broadcast yesterday on the Caltagirone Editore newspaper group (Messaggero, Mattino, Gazzettino, Corriere Adriatico, and Quotidiano di Puglia). In response to Webuild’s number one construction group, Pietro Salini, who has just requested speed-up start-ups, Battiste explains: “Salini came up with a non-trivial idea, which is to speed up grounding competitions and then kick out construction sites.”


Particular reference is made to seven acts spread throughout Italy: for example, there is the Fiumefreddo-Letojanni railway section in Sicily and the Apice-Orsara on the Naples-Bari route. “Seven construction sites – Batiste continued – will be active over the next two months, and thus have an important impact from an employment standpoint: There will be more than 130,000 jobs with an extraordinary lever for GDP growth. Today, the country absolutely needs GDP and this is an example of how we can affect it, regardless of the recovery plan. Already in 2020 – continued the Director General of Railways – we executed 21 billion tenders that we will put on the ground in the coming months and were, in fact, the first major investor in the country. In addition, we registered investments worth 8 billion euros. ”

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In his speech, Salini referred to the “unprecedented” infrastructure plan launched by US President Joe Biden, which envisages investments worth trillions of dollars. “We have to make decisions with money that everyone earns when they want to achieve a goal – the manager said – We, on the other hand, have this original sin: We make beautiful plans, often even before others, but then we are not consistent and do not put the money to achieve them.” So Salini called for speeding up the opening of construction sites, as well as for creating job opportunities. What Webbild is asking, he said, is “work, to speed up race cycles” because “every tender awarded means thousands of jobs.”

the network
In the plan the government has just laid out to exploit the financing of the next generation of the European Union, there are 25 billion investments to strengthen and improve the Italian railway network. Battisti, citing Naples-Bari, said the funds that Financial Services had been waiting for “to complete the basic infrastructure work to enter into contact with major European corridors” which would “virtually change the logistical structure of the country”. This will create a “single large urban area” between the two cities. Business which, according to the manager, will have a major impact and will create 20,000 new jobs.

Finally, Porsche Italia CEO Pietro Innocenti spoke about sustainable mobility, stressing that the electric cars in circulation in Italy at the moment are only 0.2%, so the road is still very long and the transition should accelerate. . The manager asked to ascertain incentives for green cars and then focused on shipping the infrastructure. Innocenti saw the investment envisaged by NRP to build ultra-low power poles. He noted that in the recovery plan, there are in fact 750 million to establish 21,000 recharge points in the region against the 5.5 billion Germany recently allocated for a similar plan.

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