1,300 patients without a GP. Who is Dina Sandon?

« Urgent Call: female doctor It has been suspended from service from Wednesday, August 11th until further notice. Patients can contact their area of ​​specialization to make the new decision for the GP.” Cervares Santa Croce (Padova), Piazza Don Reno Brassula, entrance door to the medical clinic. The banner was posted by the top ofUlus Yoganya He does not specify the reasons for the measure, but word of mouth applies in the city: Dina Sandon She is the first primary physician in Padua County to be suspended by ULSS for Not vaccinated.

Then the Medical Syndicate proceeds to suspend the registration: Yesterday, Tuesday, August 9, President Chrysara immediately took charge of the file. Starting today, her 1,300 patients will have to change doctors and won’t even be able to practice as a freelance employee, until December 31 or until she decides to get vaccinated. Also yesterday, an on-call doctor, three ULSS staff, nurses, and social and health workers were suspended.

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Therefore, the total number of Padua sanitary ware suspended so far rises to eleven. Last week the measures were taken for three nurses and three nurses, yesterday instead Pecs were sent to five other workers including the first two doctors.

Across the county last month, there were more than 4,000 unvaccinated health workers: from doctors to nurses, from pharmacists to veterinarians, and from biologists to physical therapists. Decree Number 44, signed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi last April, provides for the downgrading of No Vax employees or their suspension if the role cannot be changed.

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Ulss Euganea has jurisdiction over the actions of all health workers residing in the County of Padua, whether they work in the public or private sectors. There are currently 2,500 files open for investigation and a special commission must assess whether the justifications provided are valid.

the case

The suspension of the first two doctors caused the most noise. ULSS doesn’t officially release the names, but Dr. Dina Sandon’s case at Cervaris is inevitably on everyone’s lips. “I spoke to her too, but I saw her persistence based on her own convictions – explains Mayor Massimo Campagnolo – I am in favor of the vaccine and I have already received a double dose, but I respect everyone’s choices and I know no one can be forced. We are doing our best to make people understand that it is better Vaccination and we have made an outpatient clinic for a new young doctor in the commune spaces.” It is likely that many patients of the suspended professional will meet this new doctor, recently in Cervares. 1,300 citizens will be able to change doctors by contacting the health and social district of Terme Colli managed by Dr. Piero Realdon.
On the other hand, there was no inconvenience to the patients as the other arrested doctor was working in the medical service in the urban belt of Padua. In on-call medical centers, work is carried out in shifts and therefore the activity will be carried out by colleagues.

Who changes their mind?

In addition to the suspensions, news that is considered “extremely positive” is also arriving from Ulss management via Scrovegni. In the past two weeks, more than a hundred health workers have been convinced to get the vaccine: just one day before, 40 workers (all from the private sector) were booked. Of the ULS employees, there are now 490 who are not immunized, but they were 573 a month ago. The number is still very high but continues to decline.

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To assess such a delicate situation yesterday, Michela Barbero (Managing Director), Aldo Mariotto (Health Director) and Ivana Simoncello (Head of Prevention) stepped in. It is Ivana Simoncello who manages the files on the various investigations related to the alleged No Vax device. But when will the procedure end for everyone? “I can’t give an exact date – she answered – we gave the ultimatums until July 30, so we started a few days ago. We will do it as soon as possible ».

Medical Director Mariotto is entitled to a hot potato from any staff shortage if there is a flurry of action: “But we have a plan ready to deal with every case,” he asserts. At the moment, ULSS has not made any reduction. Just a comment, with a distinct feeling that it didn’t end there.

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