$13 billion was recovered in 5 years.

Tax evasion occurs. Although it is still partial data, according to the tax gap established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in 2019 (available last year), tax evasion in our country would have decreased to 80.6 billion euros. If we use the same calculation methodology for previous years as well, then in the past five years 007 “recovered” from the tax authorities 13 billion euros. To his credit is the CGIA Studies Office. Although it has not yet been able to count on at least 80 billion euros in taxes every year, it seems that the Italian financial administration has, as the Assembly asserts, been able to find the right way to combat this social and economic scourge that has always negatively characterized our country. the village.

Between tax compliance and split payment, and, starting in 2019, via electronic invoices, a series of taxpayers – including those who evade heavy taxes, those who received payments from the state for a service or work provided and then did not pay VAT, and finally, specialists In the so-called “circular fraud” – they were urged to repent. Not only; Even the slight decrease in taxes recorded in recent years has certainly had a positive effect on the revenue side. Although still not quite sufficient, lowering the tax burden has helped reduce tax evasion, especially what is called “survival” in jargon.

For the CGIA, “If we are able to fight the underground economy more effectively, we will make the e-commerce giants in our country pay taxes, we will be able to effectively reference 161 management-owned tax databases financially and finally, we will see serious tax reform that structurally reduces the burden of taxes on all taxpayers, and it cannot be excluded that within the next 4/5 years, the tax evasion that exists in Italy could even be halved, thus reconciling itself with the European average.Obviously, everyone should contribute, and if many start Taxpayers behave properly towards the tax authorities, it is also because in recent years, those who have been called to spend public money have begun to do so wisely. Of course, waste and waste are still, God forbid, but evasion is also matched by rationalization of public spending.

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After the political debate brought forward with the IRPEF reform, by the world of trade unions, but also by some “technicians”, it was again said that personal income tax would be paid to nearly 90 per cent by retirees and employees. “We would like to reiterate that this statement is completely misleading, because it indicates that in Italy there will be only two categories of taxpayers who will pay almost all personal income tax: those mentioned above. In fact, those who keep repeating this clarity are “victims” of a mistake Gross statistic/interpretive.If it is in fact clear – as the CGIA says – that more than 82 percent of personal income tax (not 90 percent) is paid to tax authorities by retirees and employees, this happens because these two categories account for approximately of the 89 percent of all Irbife taxpayers who are in Italy.”

According to the Mestre Craftsmen Association, “If you want to establish the imbalance in the tax burden associated with personal income tax, the ‘correct’ methodology is to calculate the average amount paid by each taxpayer belonging to each of the three main types that pay tax On individuals: self-employed, employed and retired. Applying this method, from the latest available income data for 2018 (source: Ministry of Economy and Finance), it is found that retirees pay an average annual net income tax of 3,173 euros and employees 4,006 euros and Entrepreneurs / Self-Employed at € 5,741. Let’s be clear, tax evasion in Italy exists and exists in all professional categories, therefore, even among self-employed and entrepreneurs. It must be opposed wherever it lies, without a malicious accusation being brought against anyone, let alone a Misinterpretation of too partial data.”

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