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Nintendo Switch just a few hours ago received the new version Update 13.2.1. The update is available for download and is focused on System stability improvements from the console.

If the 13.2.1 update does not download and install automatically, go to the System Settings screen from the main console menu, from here select “System” and then “Console Update”.

What are the changes? According to the official notes from the Kyoto giant, the update is 13.2. It is limited to “general system stability improvements to improve user experience”.

Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo Switch OLED

In short, it looks like a classic Routine update For Nintendo Switch, which doesn’t add any new features, changes, or anything else. However, some news that was not officially mentioned by the Great N cannot be ruled out a priori. Even the previous firmware was actually limited to improving system stability, but then Data Factor found some changes in nim and small overlay, such as in addition to supporting CADPA, which is a rating system for video games of Chinese origin.

To stay on topic, Banjo-Kazooie for N64 will soon be available to all Nintendo Switch Online + add-on service subscribers.

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