110% frontage bonus and rewards for works that improve urban decor

Frontend bonus with big tax deduction

Expand the possibilities to benefit from a 90% discount on costs incurred to renovate building façades. In fact, the Revenue Agency in its latest circular set a number. 2/2020 that “Interventions aimed at restoring or restoring the external facade that takes place on existing buildings, parts of existing buildings or existing real estate units of any spatial category, including tools, shall be accepted in the facade reward.”

The specification comes from the tax authority at the request of the taxpayer who requested confirmation about the expenses incurred in 2020 for the renewal of the eaves, on the visible facades of the highway and whether these expenses could benefit from the facade 90% premium.

The agency’s response acknowledged that in practice, “the facility relates to all the work carried out on the visible outer envelope of the building, that is, on the front, front and main part of the building, and on the other sides of the building (completely external perimeter).” However, the reward is not due for the interventions that take place on The internal facades of the building, if they are not visible from the street or from the land for public use.

Among the facilitated actions, the agency has also laid down an additional clarification: the maximum tax deduction of 90% can also include works attributable to urban decor, such as those related to interventions on gutters, downpipes, curbs, cornices, and eaves. Arrangement of all plant parts insisting on the opaque part of the facade.

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