11 new artworks featuring new planets, creatures, and space rules –

Thanks to a new video shared by Bethesda, we have a chance to see new videos artistic work from starfield. At the moment, in fact, no gameplay is available and we do not have anything else available other than images, even if you are not from the game. You can see the gallery of new photos below.

The images come from the video “In the stellar field – Episode 3: the sound of adventure” which tells about Starfield’s music: you can see it here.

Starfield artworks show different settings and specific locations. We can for example see Shipwreck Like a dry sea or lake. The structure is almost like a corpse surrounded by aquatic creatures.

Continuing, we find one picture Giant tree forest. In the foreground we see the character of Starfield, which helps us understand the actual proportions of the environment. Then we move to one cavewhich appears to be full of precious metals.

Starfield’s new artwork also features a single interior design space stationWith different metal plates and surfaces. We can also see the outside, picture A planet In the foreground, with a planet in the background showing some asteroid rings.

Starfield, if the artwork represents the end game, it may also include a file desert style world, with orange dunes and some exotic white and purple cacti. Then we see one rocky heath Basically, it’s probably meant to save resources. Then we move on to a kind of water caveflowing between the stones.

We then move on to what could be a file Airport Shuttlesstriped image of a girl using a piece of technology while leaning in front of a large opening of a space station or spacecraft, and in closing the Starfield video, an image of a spaceship passing in front of what appears to be a gray planet.

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We remind you that you can see the previous collection of artworks shared by Starfield authors in our personalized news.

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