1,000 euros at school to buy a pacemaker. Department Note [PDF]

The Ministry of Education, with Note No. 7144 dated March 25 and signed by Principal Francesca Bossetti, gives the green light to allocate and disburse financial resources for the purchase of defibrillators in schools.

A semi-automatic defibrillator is an essential tool to allow immediate intervention
If there are cases of sudden cardiac arrest among school staff or pupils, especially in situations where physical activity is being practiced.


In particular, the school will be able, if it has not already done so, to purchase defibrillators or replenish equipment that is already available..

In the event that it is already equipped with adequate life-saving equipment, the resources concerned (1,000 euros per school) can be allocated to the purchase of goods or services aimed at ensuring the health of staff and pupils (for example, in order to activate certified training courses for the use of a pacemaker).

It should be noted that the resources concerned constitute exceptional financing compared to the endowment
The regular service available to educational institutions in order to ensure the effectiveness of the service
The school is in accordance with safety protocols approved by the competent authorities

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