100% mortgage? All offers to order

The ambition of everyone who borrows from banks to buy a house is waived 100% Mortgage. With this incentive, in fact, there is a series of invaluable benefits. One above all is the advantage of not having to give an advance. And precisely because it is a privileged procedure, it is not easy to get a 100% mortgage, and also because credit institutions require very consistent guarantees. There is a class of people, however, under 36 Draghi government He wanted to encourage.

Who is Preferred to Get a 100% Mortgage Loan

with the decree Duplicate support, the Council of Ministers stipulated that for those under the age of thirty-six who are interested in obtaining a 100% mortgage, the capital share guarantee is provided by the state. Other benefits are:

  • Exemption from registration taxes in case of buying and selling between individuals.

  • Tax exemption in the case of businesses subject to value added tax.

  • Mortgage and property tax free.

  • Reduce value added tax By 4% in the case of buying a home from builder.

  • Exemption from the alternative tax of 0.25%.

In the latter case, the credit institution retains a percentage of the amount presented as an alternative tax.

What are the best offers from banks?

As reported by the economic portal Idealista.itThere are some 100% mortgage offers. credit institutions Really very useful. Let’s see what it is in a nutshell:

  • Credit Agricole Youth Mortgage: flat rate €324 per month, tan 1.05% and crown 1.28%.

  • Mortgage with guarantee: Sardinian Bank at a fixed rate of 329 euros per month, Tan 1.15% and Taeg 1.29%.

  • Prima Casa Youth Mortgage Guarantee Fund: variable rate for Intesa San Paolo at €389 per month, Tan 0.50% and Taeg 0.55%.

  • Mortgage for youth under the age of 36: variable rate for Bper Bank at €394 per month, tan 0.60% and crown 0.72%.

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