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Hogwarts Legacy is one of the hot topics of the moment thanks to the series of interviews published all over the world. Through them we have the opportunity to officially discover details that will surely interest many gamers: Duration Legacy of Hogwarts. According to the authors, it’s 100% easy to talk about. about 80 hours.

The information comes specifically from Alan TeoDirector of Hogwarts Legacy at Avalanche Software. Teo specifically said: “We’ve seen that longevity varies greatly on a single player basis and on a basis of completing side quests. I recently completed a game at 100% and even with all my intel and knowledge it took me over 80 hours to get to the end. I think there is a lot of content at my disposal for me to enjoy and I can’t wait for people to have this experience.”

This information corresponds to what was previously detected by a file Leaking Linked to the official Hogwarts Legacy art book, of which there was talk of around 75 hours to complete the adventure 100%. Now, however, we have a bit more official confirmation.

Tew unfortunately does not indicate the number of hours required Complete the plot on your ownBut the aforementioned leak mentioned about 35 hours. However, most players always complete at least some side quests, so it’s plausible that even those who don’t like finishing games 100% will be able to play for more than 35 hours.

Obviously, what matters is not only the number of hours but also the Experience quality. We hope Hogwarts Legacy proves to be a game of the highest caliber: if you want a first impression, you can read our quiz.

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Finally, we should also point out that Hogwarts Legacy does not include a morality system for the use of Unforgivable Curses.

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