100 Euro Bonus 2022: How It Works and Requirements

The €100 bonus (formerly the Renzi bonus) is a benefit payable to certain categories of workers, up to €100 paid directly into the salary slip. The 2022 budget law intervened in this regard, bringing important news: let’s find out together in the next article.

Program news Bonus 100 EUR (former Renzi bonus) in 2022 is very important, the bonus will shift to some categories of workers deductible tax. For others, who are still eligible for it, the bonus remains unchanged from previous years.

The trigger that led to this important prediction is Adjustment of personal income tax rateswhich, in view of the new thresholds set by the maneuver, will lead some beneficiaries to You no longer have Renzi’s bonus on your salary. But let’s dive into it together.

€100 bonus: This is who he will be in 2022

State aid certificate what you need

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So let’s see how it was established in Budget Law It will have an impact on Renzi’s previous bounty in 2022, and in the years to come. the new personal income tax rates Provided that anyone who falls into the first category, i.e. those who have it, will still be a beneficiary of the reward Annual income less than 15,000 euros.

However, the income limit must also be lowered: in fact, those who have income At least 8,174 euros per year. In addition, he can also benefit from his income exceeding 15 thousand euros but it must be less than 28 thousand.

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what’s new?


The The most important news related to the €100 bonus, under the new budget law, which changed the IRPEF rates. These four, instead of five, became the news for the recipients of bonuses and perks.

According to the new rates, with relative bowsThe reward will be payable as follows:

  • Those with less than 28,000 euros in annual income will receive an additional 100 euros per month in paychecks;
  • Those with more than 28 thousand euros, but less than 35 thousand euros, will receive a bonus from 97 to 80 euros;
  • Those who have from 35 thousand to 40 thousand euros, will receive 80 to zero euros as a bonus.

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