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After a long wait, we finally got here: Hogwarts Legacy will be revealed at the State of Play on March 17thwith 14 minutes of gameplay taken from the release PlayStation 5 From the expected address in the universe Harry Potter.

To deceive the last days separating us from the event completely focused on the next work of Avalanche program It is produced by Warner Bros. Interactivethe authors released a very short clip of the game title, which shows the awakening of a young student from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Ready to face a new day of lessons. Apart from savoring the technical qualities of the work, however, it is not possible to look at anything else, and therefore the passage refers to the appointment playstation case play Set for Thursday, March 17th at 22:00 Italian time.

In total, the broadcast will last for 20 minutes, during which the developers will provide more accurate details of Hogwarts Legacy as well as show the fun aspects. In depth article about PlayStation Blog Once the play state ends. Finally, it remains to be seen if this will also be an opportunity to discover an exact release date for the game, expected in the end. PC and console Play Station And the X-Box during 2022.

editorial board everybody Obviously, the show will follow live: so don’t miss out Hogwarts Legacy State of Play Mini Marathon Starting at 20:00 on March 17th.

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