10 pm on the last day. Boca and Racing, a very open battle

Turin – Tonight… what an evening! At 10 pm in Argentina, the final battle for the Liga Profesional title begins and the battle is open: in the lead are Boca Juniors with 51 points, one more than Racing Club. To add more spice to the final duel there is the calendar: Zenezat 22 Italian (17 in Buenos Aires) will host Independiente in La Bombonera (yes, cousins ​​to Racing Club), while theacademia River Plate (yes, cousins ​​Boca Juniors) will host Cilindro de Avellaneda for a thrilling showdown between 4 of the country’s five greats.

Boca in celebration if…

team training Negro Hugo Ibarra It depends on himself: he is a champion for the 73rd time if he beats Independiente, but also if he draws against him. Rojo And the race loses or draws against River. but that is not all: Zenez He can also celebrate in case of defeat: as long as Racing loses with the river.

The race to victory though

On the other hand, the race cannot rely only on its own strength: it is forced to beat River Plate and at the same time must cheer its arch rival, for those with whom it shares the Avellaneda Barrio, for those red and white whose stadium is only 4 steps away From the temple of the race. Yes, because without help from IndependentBiancocelesti will be cut short from the ultimate success story.

Watch out for the playoff

There is also, even if it is very far away, the playoff premise. To reach the final direct challenge, Boca must lose to Independiente and Racing must level with River. La Liga Profesional has made it clear that if the play-off is reached, it will be played from Wednesday, as required by the regulation. In this case, the semi-finals and/or the Argentina Cup finals will be postponed.

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Another prize at hand

The big goal tonight will be to win the title, but it will not be the only thing available, given that depending on the winner of the Torneo de la Liga Profesional, the Trofeo de Campeones 2022 champions will also be confirmed. He will face the runner-up. The race has two possibilities to play this second final with Boca: if they become champion or if they finish second. The team is currently being trained by bentita Fernando Gago He has 3 more points Huracán (who always visits Parana Patronato at 10pm) and with a tie, he got a pass for the semi-final against Tigre, who finished second in the La Liga Cup. In this case, the match will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd. Trofeo de Campeones will be played on Sunday 6 November: the stadium and now it has not been officially announced yet.

Eight years ago… and Gago Gallardo’s nightmare

Besides what might happen at La Bombonera, Racing Club knows very well that River Plate is the worst opponent they meet at the moment: It’s 5 unbeaten matches against Cylinder. The last time was 8 years ago, at the 2014 Transición Championship after which she won a raceacademia. In addition to this, Fernando Gago as a coach is never defeated Marcelo Gallardo: 4 records with 3 river wins and a draw. And they can’t even in Boca be so quiet. Nobody at Brandsen 805 thinks Independiente will avoid destroying Racing: tonight will be the coach’s last game Falcioni off the bench of Rojo and the masses Independent They sang several times, in their last home game, “El domingo cueste lo que cueste‘, on Sunday to win a yes or a yes, in practice. As if that weren’t enough, the concept was repeated in the press by club legends: Ricardo Enrique Bushini And the Sergio El Con Aguero.

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