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atomic heart She comes back to show herself today with a new one gameplay video From 10 minutes posted by IGN on YouTube, in which we can watch the confrontation with hedgyGiant spherical robot.

As we can see from the movie, the boss fight is definitely a very lively one, given that despite its size, a boss can take advantage of his spherical shape to quickly get out of one point and the other from the circular arena in which the clash takes place. It also has a variety of moves for sure, including immersion strikes, attacks, and missiles.

single atomic heart First shooter A person in development at Mundfish offices which was set in the 1950s in the USSR for an alternate universe. As a special agent of the KGB, we will have to complete a difficult task on behalf of the government to bring to light the strange experiments conducted inside an abandoned facility. The game will have a linear structure, but the player’s choices will greatly affect the ending.

Just yesterday a new trailer for Atomic Heart was released which revealed the official release date. Mundfish first person shooter will be available starting from February 21, 2023 For PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S. It will also be included in the PC catalog and Xbox Game Pass at launch. In addition to the Standard Edition, Atomic Heart will also be available in a Premium Edition that includes the Atomic Pass, including many additional content that has yet to be revealed in detail.

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