10 million Sostegni bis

I Tampons Made by clubs League They may soon end up in the hands of the state. This is what emerges from Dl Sostegni bis, currently only in draft but should see the light soon.

In fact, the text talks about “Non-reimbursable grant a Refreshments are a health expense To conduct diagnostic tests for COVID-19 infection for the benefit of professional sports clubs and amateur sports clubs and federations“.

According to the schedule attached to the draft, it should be available $ 60 million in owed expenditures for tampons: 10 million in the Italian League, 6 million in the Italian League, and 10 million in the Italian League.

For the Basketball First Division, the funds available are 1.7 million for a total of 27.7 million for the professional. The remaining 32 million are then divided among the amateur series of different sports.

Source project Dl Sostegni bis

Duplicate support, money isn’t just for tampons

Always in Duplicate supportPlanned for 2021 as a whole 50 million To increase the individual fund to support sports and amateur associations, this non-reimbursable money will be used to bring back associations and companies that have been closed for a long time due to Covid.

As for the LeagueHowever, this money coming from the government as compensation for healthcare costs may not be enough. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, clubs have often sought help from the state.

After all, just look at the disastrous accounts of the companies in our league, with Covid which, however, only exacerbated a crisis that had already been underway for some time. The previous government intervenedIrbf Of the players ’salaries, postponement and payment in installments, but the real goal is to enter into the mechanism of refreshments that the first division of which has remained until now.

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