1.7 million citizens of the United States and California sign to impeach the governor: Elections are approved

The popular initiative to remove the Democratic Governor of California from office, Gavin Newsom, I got the last green light, after confirmation 1.7 million signatures Collected by promoters of the popular initiative. California law provides that the popular initiative can call for elections to be removed from the governor’s office, which nonetheless requires collecting at least 1.49 million signatures. The local press reported that only 43 signatures out of more than 1.7 million were found to be irregular at the end of the verification process that lasted more than a month: completing this step would necessarily lead to Elections at the end of 2021.

According to the latest polls conducted in the state, the majority of voters support the removal of the Democratic governor.

Newsom experienced a sharp decline in popularity over the course of her tenure: first as a result of policies that helped lower the standard of living and urban decay in major centers in California; Then with the epidemic response centered on Strict distancing policies سياسات socially and closing down entrepreneurial activities, which is something that the governor personally does Violated on more than one occasion. Finally, because of Administrative scandals Like the $1 billion unemployment benefit fraud that surfaced in the state earlier this year.

Newsom’s initiative is Second Of the kind successfully implemented in California history: in 2003, a similar initiative led to the removal from office of Governor Gray Davis, who was succeeded by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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